"the BOBA TEA boutique"

Our Story

Yuki and Harris first met and worked together at a boba tea shop in Southern California. One day, after gradually getting to know one another, Harris asked Yuki to go to Knott’s Scary Farm and the rest became history.

While Yuki and Harris’ career paths steered them away from the boba shop, due to their love for tea, they always found themselves hanging out and trying new spots. Eventually, this led to some home experimentation with various teas to find a smooth and perfect base tea. Believing that they should always share what they enjoy, they began creating and serving drinks to family, friends and small groups as a hobby.

After some time, Yuki suggested that they should go full circle from where they met years ago and try to start a shop of their own to share their creations and passion with everyone. After months of contemplating the daunting aspect of starting a business, Harris finally agreed and bobaTEAque was established!

Our Mission

We love our high quality teas and we are positive that you will love them too! Our tea is meticulously selected from some of the world's best natural climates for cultivating tea and our menu is carefully curated to display the flavors of our teas. No artificial, powdered teas here. We cannot wait for you to taste the TEAference!

Are you frustrated when your favorite drink tastes different every time you order it? We are too so we aim to keep our products consistent and held to the highest standards.

Our service motto: People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel. You are always welcome to come work, catch up with friends or just grab something for the road.

Fun, respect, passion, community, integrity, empathy, humility. We live by these ideals and care for people so they can strive for greatness.