How do you distinguish quality tea? When brewed correctly, exceptional tea is supposed to taste and feel refreshingly smooth, not unpleasantly bitter. Learn about our loose leaf teas and come in to experience them the way they are meant to be.


Royal Ceylon Black Tea

Many consider Ceylon black tea as one of the finest quality black teas on Earth. Do not mistake this for simple black tea as it originates from Sri Lanka and has a bolder and darker flavor than most black teas. Steeping the tea is calming due to its dense, citrus fragrance. The taste is comprised of a mild, tangy flavor with a hint of spice. Benefits of Ceylon tea include speeding up your metabolism to aid digestion, providing antioxidants for your skin and immune system and boosting your energy by providing a healthy dose of caffeine.


Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea is a fusion of jasmine blossoms and dried green tea leaves. It is one of the most famous scented teas around the world and its roots can be traced to China. The tea creates a subtle but enchanting scent when steeped, and when brewed correctly, should have a slight sweetness and an aura of bitterness in the flavor. Among its many perks, green tea has been shown to help you relax due to the presence of amino acids and can aid in brain and heart health due to the extraction of its catechins.


TieGuanYin (TGY)

TGY is a premium variety of oolong tea originating from China that goes through an extremely time-consuming production process. Its leaves are thick and solid and it creates a long-lasting, floral aroma when steeped. When consumed, you will experience a smooth, roasted flavor that leaves a fragrant and semi-sweet aftertaste. Benefits of TGY include providing flavonoids, polyphenols, calcium, fluoride and other minerals to the body. These can assist the body with maintaining bone density, boosting the immune system and can even prevent cancer.